Joe McHugh

"If we don't learn to tell our own stories someone will tell them for us." ~ Maria Gillan, Poet



Based on the popular book of the same title this fascinating and provocative multi-media presentation looks at how stories are told in the mondern-age given the dynamic and transforming influence of new technologies.

The Rise of the Storytelling Industrial Complex


Understanding The Importance of Early Caregivers

TOPIC:Early Childhood Education

Based on Joe McHugh's book Coins in the Ashes A Family Story of Grief, Gratitude and Grace he tells the story of the search for an African American woman who cared for him and his brother through a terrible family tragedy.

Unique "Live" Radio Drama Presentation for Conferences


Return to the golden days of radio as twenty or more volunteer conference participants recreate an old-fashioned “live” radio drama broadcast, circa 1940, complete with period microphones and an assortment of engaging, hand-operated sound effects directed by Joe McHugh.

Audio Journey Through the World of the Violin Family

TOPIC:Music and Culture

A popular podcast series and comprehensive oral history archived by the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History, Joe McHugh traveled throughout the United States and other parts of the world to seek out interviews with violin makers, dealers, restorers, auctioneers, tonewood producers, insurance agents, museum curators, string manufacturers—even police officers who have played a part in recovering stolen violins. And he lived to tell the tale.