Joe McHugh

"If we don't learn to tell our own stories someone will tell them for us." ~ Maria Gillan, Poet



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Stories From the School Library

California was experiencing a dramatic reduction in school libraries and librarians due to a budget crisis. This audio essay was an attempt to encourage people in leadership positions to examine the benefits of school libraries and librarians before decreasing funding. Joe worked closely with CSLA past president Connie Williams and interviewed many educators, legislators, and students for this documentary.

Fostering Independence

Challenges Foster Children Face as they "Age-Out" of the Foster Care System

An audio documentary that looks at the many difficulties young people face when they age-out of the foster-care system. Produced and hosted by Joe McHugh, for the National Legal Aid and Defenders Association with funding from the Benton Foundation. This audio project restored funding to a program before the Washington State Legislature.

The Public Defender

Winner of the 2000 Golden Reel Award The Public Defender audio documentary looks at the important roll public defenders have in our society. Anna McHugh mentored by her father Joe McHugh interviewed Anne Moore a California public defender about the virtues and difficulties facing public defenders today.

High School Senior Project by Anna McHugh, mentored by Joe McHugh