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Slaying the Gorgon by Joe McHugh
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“A compelling commentary on how media affects history, culture, and values. Mr. McHugh’s ideas are fresh, lively, and accessible, and he provides librarians with a unique language for dealing with the competing forces in media today.”
~ Connie Williams, past president, California School Library Association

“Crisply written, creative, and filled with lessons that can be applied to daily life. A great read!”
~ Alan Burke, superintendent K-12 education, Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

In Slaying the Gorgon, Joe McHugh reminds us that it is only the softer, more human voice that allows us to make sense of it all. In this book of great wisdom and deep humanity, we are able to see the world both as it is, and as we wish it to be.”
~ Jeffery Dvorkin, director, Journalism Program, University of Toronto, and former vice-president and head of news for National Public Radio.

Kilowatt a novel by Joe McHugh
Kilowatt tells the story of Reb Morgan and Alice Carpenter, journalists from a small community radio station in the mountains of northern California, who embark upon a perilous journey into the very heart of corporate America. EnerTex, a Texas-based energy company with close ties to the White House, claims to have discovered a revolutionary process for generating electricity that is both environmentally “clean” and affordable. But they refuse to reveal the details of this new technology under the pretense that to do so would threaten national security. Has EnerTex successfully found a way to address the world’s pressing energy needs and avoid global warming? Or have they, instead, opened a veritable Pandora’s box that could endanger the future beyond imagining?
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